"I love you but I have chosen darkness"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creepy of the Year

Just when I thought the last good horror film had left the building, I chanced upon Joel Anderson's 2008 creepy Lake Mungo about a young girl who drowns while camping. E was decidedly spooked. I hear Hollywood has bought the rights to the film.
Please. Spare. Us.

Nights In with Urla

Rating: 93
2008 Pinot Noir, a tad young to drink perhaps but being the wine ignorami that we are, the evening wind blowing all caution to the stars, we thought, why not.
It doesn't disappoint. A wonderful nose redolent of summer sun, raisins, tobacco and a hint of something that just escapes me. I'd swear there was Cabernet in there, perhaps two generations of vines gone by. Saucy, just nicely bright. Beautiful tight structure, splendid finish.

I left my Heart in....

The month of May was marked by a magical trip to a place I'd forgotten for seven years but which I am very grateful to reconnect with: Margaret River.
It was a week-long celebration of both our birthdays, my 27th and his 38th (hah!), with languid lunches at the wineries, sticky afternoon ice creams in the park and jolly good fish and chips at our favourite chippy.

I've not been the same again since I've returned.

More and more, the desire to work in one's underwear fills my thoughts not every day now, but every moment.