"I love you but I have chosen darkness"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wh....How....What the ??! Christmas is over????

I can't believe it. The day we've been building up over two months for is over just like that. Poof.
It was a very sweet time though. As this year, the first of many to come, there were no post-Christmas blues, just the memories of an exceptionally cool, magical Christmas with family. And SodaCat's first Noel with us.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black and Beautiful Part V

Just stumbled upon these outrageous masks by Tom Banwell from Penn Valley, California. Forget the garden variety feather and sparkle masquerade ones. These are what I'll be wearing to the ball.

Rabbit Mask: to my mother's CNY party.

Black Raven Mask: to the industry awards party

Rhino Gas Mask: to a family wedding

Tom's beauties can be purchased from his etsy shop here.


We just missed Thanksgiving, not knowing that this year it falls on the 25th of November which was yesterday. We took the mumster to a local pantomime and had a great birthday night with her. Thankfully, we were together as a family so that was Thanksgiving enough.
Till next year I'll be dreaming of a white Christmas in Strasbourg and all the family around a fireplace.

All Images via cocokelley

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Most Terrifying Bunny in the World

Is one that looks like a cat, barks like a dog and charges like a bull. You frighten me Sammy, but I love you.

November Rain

When sunny doesn't get the Monday blues, she fills her Sundays with ice-cold blueberries, gold-tinsel frankincense and a furry friend. December weather is officially upon us and IT IS GLORIOUS.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Sunday takes on a whole new feeling as the Monday blues dwindle. It's a cool November morning and my Frankincense and Myrrh candles are on their way. It's been ages since black has felt this light.

Furball Love Affair Part II

SodaCat aka MM loves skidding across the hall, getting into scraps with other cats, and being swung like a pendulum. We're toying with giving her yet another name and it's a toss up between Susie and Alice.

Food Porn

I don't follow many blogs but WhatKatieAte is so delicious it makes me dribble like a 6 month-old crotch nugget. Beautiful food, gorgeous pictures and best of all, recipes that can be whipped up by any ningkumput. The rosemary and aoli cream potatoes are definitely on this year's Christmas menu.

Winter Lookbook

Images via The City Sage

So very MY colour palette.

A Magpie at Heart

images via The Decorista

The bower bird in me longs for a home like this. (owner: Scandinavian chick Camilla of Milla Boutique)
Note to E: project number two!

I wish I had a River I could sail away on....

I see this in my dreams. Magical Nestrest by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety.


Why H&M hasn't arrived here is beyond me. Their latest collaboration, with Lanvin's Alber Elbez features gorgeous black dresses. Makes me go Faaaaaark....Fark Fark Fark Faaaaark!

images from Fashionologie

It's All About the Hair

images from apartment34

Out: dumb fringe. In: loose braids.
It's not black but it's certainly beautiful.